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Why Nearshore Digital Marketing Services are Taking Off Big Time in Mexico

Digital marketing is a relatively new trend that nearly all brands are progressively exploring as a means to promote their presence in the public domain, but the task requires constant work, and sometimes high costs, when it comes to planning and implementing a successful campaign.

More and more US companies are looking to Nearshore to get around these fallbacks, delegating their digital needs to countries closer to home, and Mexico City is becoming popular as the central point of digital nearshore marketing services in Latin America.

Mexico’s Digital Marketing Powerhouse

Companies are approaching Mexico because of the high specialization and trained personnel within digital agencies, where they are finding tailor-made solutions, cost reductions, and a high level of control over all of their processes.

Mexico City, in particular, works as a digital marketing hotspot because universities are currently adapting their curricula to the global strategies of companies. This means that the knowledge acquired by young people can be applied to different contexts and situations in order to take full advantage of the tools available on a global scale, such as social networks.

Also, there is a deep pool of talent that includes marketing experts who have worked in this sector for years and have seen the market evolve into the digital era, resulting in a real sense of understanding for the digital marketing journey.

The combination of these two forces in Mexico City – experienced digital marketing leaders and young people with fresh, innovative ideas – are the perfect mixture for companies looking to leverage the benefits of a Nearshore campaign.

Client Concerns and the Mexico Advantage

When a customer in the United States starts hunting for a digital marketing agency abroad, they may have many natural concerns. For example, if work is being done in another territory there may be various social, cultural, or practical factors to consider. Also, what about the language barrier? What tools will be used? How can we ensure constant communication and that our ideas will be heard?

To eliminate these concerns, agencies in Mexico have been displaying an aptitude for fluid communication, cultural alignment, and fluent use of the English language. Communication is effortless since they work in the same time zone as the United States, cultural alignment comes from hundreds of years of neighborly influence (NFL anyone?), and English is exceptional thanks to a focus on core education in the capital’s major universities.

While the United States has a great variety of agencies that are specialized in digital marketing, Mexico’s talent is comparable in quality, attentiveness, and performance. The capital, Mexico City, has a unique competitive advantage of offering lower costs for project development.

Each project involves different factors, such as modules, production, and campaign timeframe, so it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact percentage of cost savings; however, Mexican agencies with the experience and agility required for such demanding campaigns have been able to study the needs of brands in the United States and solve them within the defined budget.

The Results of a Strict, Efficient and Well-planned Workflow

To achieve success in their clients’ projects, digital marketing agencies in Mexico have been following a schematic process. The flow begins with the planning of the campaign, giving client and agency a chance to meet and discuss the expectations based on available tools, budget, and delivery time.

As the project is defined, aspects such as advertising guidelines for digital media, design, content generation, and the maintenance of websites or apps are all outlined, taking into account the specialized tools that will be used for the campaign. To keep all of this under control, a project manager is assigned as the meeting point between the client and the team of experts who will be responsible for the campaign. To achieve success, the client receives regular reports and can provide feedback, encompassing what it means to have fluid and productive communication.

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Finally, it is worth mentioning that, while the end results are based on what the client requests and the size of their projects, when it comes to productivity analysis, digital marketing agencies in Mexico are growing very fast.

US clients have been increasingly working with digital marketing partners in Mexico City, and the growth of this type of digital service is expected to continue as the world continues to become more connected and more engaged with online media.

What experiences has your company had with nearshore digital marketing services? Let us know in the comments. 


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