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Nearshore Forum: Peter Ryan on What 2022 Holds for Nearshore (VIDEO)

As the last year drew to a close, Nearshore Americas spoke to Nearshore expert and Principal and Chief Analyst at Ryan Strategic Advisory, Peter Ryan, to hear his views on the trends that would shape market activity in 2022 and beyond.

Speaking from a stormy Montreal, Peter offered insights on a superb 2021 for Jamaica, during which the country solidified its position as a leading BPO outsourcing market driven by strong private and public sector engagement. 

He also put forward his opinions on the future of remote working and which Nearshore nations are best positioned to leverage the remote work factor moving forward.

In a wide-ranging chat, the role of real estate in location decisions and the strategies of investment promotion agencies were also discussed. 

The full interview is available below. 

Peter Appleby

Peter is former Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. Hailing from Liverpool, UK, he is now based in Mexico City. He has several years’ experience covering the business and energy markets in Mexico and the greater Latin American region. If you’d like to share any tips or story ideas, please reach out to him here.

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