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Live at Nexus: Seeing Latin America in a New, Business Driven Light

Nearshore Nexus – the most influential event in the thriving Nearshore outsourcing marketplace – kicked off today to record-breaking attendance in Jersey City, NJ. The sold out conference is hosting executives from over 30 Fortune 200 U.S. companies and representatives from 18 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. Panels and presentations in the early phasenexuscoverage of the event have focused on a range of business critical outsourcing issues, from bank industry risks to the real cost of setting up operations in the region.

Joe Nocera, author and op-ed columnist with the New York Times, kicked off the third annual conference with a provocative look at the current divisiveness in the U.S. political system and how disagreement over the debt, immigration and education are leading to a nation that in Nocera’s words is ‘broken.” He added that it is sad to say that for the first time ever, businesses have a reasonable cause to question the level of political stability in the country, citing the widely reported problems with air traffic delays of the last few days due to government cuts.

Kirk Laughlin, founder and managing director of Nearshore Americas, kicked off the day reminding delegates to focus on the core requirement for companies to be more competitive.

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“We’ve arrived here today to examine Latin America in a new light and through a new lens,” he said. “It’s essential for all of us to better understand what Latin America offers and how it may impact your business models and partnerships.”

The conference runs for the remainder of the day. Highlights of the show will



Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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