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Nearshore Value Index 2024

Where BPO and IT Investments Generate the Best Returns

Tech Readiness Drives Nearshore Value in 2024

The Nearshore Value Index (NVI) identifies and ranks the locations which offer the best value for nearshore operations in BPO and software services. This year, given that technology has reached a level of relevance not seen in years, territories with high technological readiness and expertise fared better than those which maintain the traditional low cost, bodies-on-seats model as the core of their value proposition. Things might be different the following year, but 2024 has the potential to be definitive for the mid and long-term future of LATAM and the Caribbean.

Top Ten IT/ Software Value Destinations for 2024

Top Ten BPO Value Destinations for 2024


The destinations showcased in the NVI were chosen from a larger pool of 41 candidates, which included cities, states and whole countries.

The value proposition of each destination was evaluated using criteria that go beyond cost. These criteria were divided into seven categories. Six of these categories (costs of labor, population size, proximity to the US, ease of doing business, English proficiency and investment environment) were the same across both top tens. The seventh differed, with the BPO list taking real estate prices into consideration, while the ITO list evaluated the availability and quality of tech universities.

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