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Neoris Announces Mobile App Development Services

Mobile application development is the latest offering from Neoris. The global business and IT consulting company has also developed its own native app for the iPhone, Neoris Mobile, available for download from the iTunes store. The Neoris app easily toggles between English, Spanish and Portuguese for real-time access to the company’s press releases, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, white papers and office locations worldwide.

Neoris Mobile is also available for the Android platform and can be downloaded on Google’s Play Store. Android currently leads the smartphone market, deeming it mission critical to have apps that run on this platform, according to Neoris’ Mobile Solutions Team.

Since apps are actual applications that are installed on a mobile device, the main features are that they can be accessed without a browser or an Internet connection — major advantages for a remote, agile workforce that requires real-time access to collaboration tools, reports and functionality while on the go.

“Native apps can take legacy systems to new levels where there is no need to be physically connected to an intranet or use a PC or laptop to have full access to company’s data or applications,” said Claudio Muruzabal, CEO of Neoris. “The flexibility to connect seamlessly with core business activities and access sensitive information such as KPIs, trends and workflows promptly for better decision making is pivotal for today’s global workforce.”

Neoris’ mobile development offering consists of a complete line of services from analysis, design, construction and implementation. For companies that need to go beyond offering mobile content and require an interactive end-user experience, Neoris can create a customized app to provide:

— Connectivity: No Internet required. A major bonus if you’re on location and don’t have WiFi or hot spot access.

— Interactivity: Users cannot only search for information, but interact with the data in a real-time manner.

— Customization: Tailor-made solutions to offer access to corporate data and meet your users’ needs, whether they are employees, clients or stakeholders.

— Reporting: Mobile access to CRM data, charts and reports for faster time to market and shorter sales cycles.

— Speed: Curb the hassle of navigating a mobile website by gaining direct access to just the information that is required for increased effectiveness.

Research shows that three in five people first turn to an app before searching the web (Mobclix, 2010). This means that more than 60% of mobile users would use an app first instead of searching for the information on a mobile web browser.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to prove our new capabilities than to go back to our roots and deploy solutions for a client that believed in our solutions from the very beginning,” said Muruzabal. Neoris began its history developing winning strategies and solutions for CEMEX and it was fitting for us to develop their pioneering app capabilities.”

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Among the solutions that Neoris created for CEMEX was the iPad app CX Investor, a content hub with all relevant information for CEMEX stockholders including video, analyst reports, real-time trading information, annual and quarterly reports and news feeds. Another solution recently launched is the Shift AppStore, which deploys enterprise mobile apps in a secure and user-friendly environment as well as links users to recommended third-party apps available at iTunes. Other enterprise mobile apps developed for CEMEX include competitive intelligence solutions, content aggregators, dashboards and authorization processes.



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