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New White Paper: Cognitive Computing Reaches Enterprise Maturity

After decades of development and research, cognitive computing platforms have now reached a level of maturity that is providing immense value in the customer engagement space.

Today’s cognitive solutions possess abilities that have opened up customer experience opportunities that were previously only possible with humans, and they are already providing business value for early adopters.

Mexican IT services provider Nearshore Delivery Solutions (NDS) has cemented itself as an expert in this space, collaborating with Nearshore Americas to produce a new white paper on the topic, entitled Cognitive Computing: Machine Learning Finally Comes of Age.

This free report provides an in-depth look at the achievable business value that cognitive computing can produce today, featuring a brief history of the technology and a look at how cognitive is shaping digital transformation initiatives within the enterprise.

You can expect to uncover details on the technologies rise and evolution, as well as gaining an understanding of how cognitive computing is fueling digital transformation. The report explores the impacts of cognitive chatbots within the enterprise, offers information on practical uses for cognitive in your business, and reveals opportunities for adoption in in various verticals.

To get hold of this new white paper, click here and enter your details, then scroll down to download the PDF.

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