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Nexus 2024: An Unbeatable Lineup of Expert Speakers

Nexus 2024, the flagship event for the Nearshore industry, is shaping up to be one of the most meaningful Nexus programs since its launch in 2011.

The Americas’ Nearshore is entering a new period of globalization. Business leaders in the US and beyond are coming to recognize the quality of Latin American and Caribbean tech and digital services, opening new paths for delivery and strengthening well-established spots for sourcing in the region.

At the same time, regional leaders and disruptors are driving durable strategies that will allow them to capitalize on the new wave of automation solutions.

This year’s conference aims to tackle the most relevant topics for the Americas’ Nearshore during this period of disruption, opportunity and challenge. To that end, some of the most important and insightful players in the market will gather at Nexus 2024: tech executives, sourcing specialists, CX directors, business consultants, outsourcing attorneys, sales representatives and entrepreneurs will drive the conversation.

See below to meet the speakers.

Brent Glover

CTO, Routeware

Over the past 30 years, Brent has handled numerous initiatives to harness cutting-edge technologies that enhance efficiency, sustainability and customer success. At Routeware, he is responsible for driving technological innovation and operational excellence. He strongly believes that achieving continuous innovation necessitates upskilling employees continiously.

Amal Hassan

Founder & CEO, Outsource Global

In 2013, Amal founded Outsource Global, where she currently leads a team of 1,500 staff across three locations in Nigeria. Outsource Global is a gender-balanced company with a focus on inclusion and empowerment, as 50% of its employees are women.

Brian Smith

Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

Brian Smith is a specialist in shared services, outsourcing and tech management, having led projects on divestitures, offshoring and client relationship management. His impressive background includes executive positions at CSC, TPI (now ISG), Citibank, and American Express.

Dave Caldwell

VP of Technology Strategy & Shared Services Delivery, Petsmart

Over the past 30 years, Dave has spearheaded multiple global business transformation initiatives, particularly in retailing sector. Dave previously served as the International CIO for Hallmark Cards based out of England, running global technology teams across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. He is now gearing up to launch a technology center in San Jose, Costa Rica, to expand Petsmart’s North American talent pool.

Neil Sturrock

Global Customer Support Director, Wave Mobile Money

Neil holds deep domain experience as a client, outsourcing for over 20 years. He led teams globally, from Eastern Europe to Africa, and India to the Caribbean. He held senior leadership roles for brands such as Apple, Sandals/Beaches Resorts, Office Depot/Viking and currently with

Kishman N. Spence

Executive Director, KPMG Jamaica

Kishman Spence is a CX industry veteran with over 25 years of experience across all aspects of service delivery, from contact centers to shared services. He is a board member of the Global Skills Services Council (GSSC). Kishman’s achievements include establishing contact centers for Cable & Wireless in the Caribbean, and leading transitions for Vistaprint and KPMG JESS.

Rita N. Soni

Principal Analyst, Everest Group

As an analyst on Impact Sourcing and Sustainability, Soni brings triple bottom-line perspective to global services research. Previously, CEO of NASSCOM Foundation, she led CSR initiatives at YES Bank, India. With a background in engineering, Rita mentors at New York Academy of Sciences and serves on Sapna NYC’s board. She holds degrees from Columbia University.

Peter Ryan

President & Principal Analyst, Ryan Strategic Advisory

A noted contact center industry analyst, Peter Ryan has traveled the globe advising on customer services. He keeps a close watch on every technology and every executive in the voice-based BPO sector. Widely recognized for his industry insights, he has advised governments, corporations and associations on strategic CX initiatives.

Kirk Laughlin

Managing Director & Chief Analyst, Nearshore Americas

Kirk Laughlin is a known figure in the Nearshore technology services and digital innovation industry. Nearshore Americas, which he founded, is a premier platform for industry insights and data. He has been featured in news reports by prominent outlets such as the Financial Times, Miami Herald, Globe and Mail, BBC News and BNN Bloomberg.

Ninela Sanchez

Sr Enterprise Sales Executive, AmplifAI

Ninela brings over 15 years of experience in contact centers, sales and marketing. Passionate about empowering women, she’s a recipient of the RBC Top 25 Influential Immigrant in Canada award and actively supports the CanadianWoman initiative. Ninela mentors and coaches women to advance their career, fosters diversity, and supports digital transformation to keep businesses competitive.

Alexei Miller

Managing Director, DataArt

Alexei Miller always focuses on IT strategy and innovation. Since joining DataArt in 1997, he has overseen product development, key account management and built the Finance practice, contributing to the company’s global growth and innovation in technology services.

Colin Crowley

VP of Customer Support, Maven Clinic

With a specialization in establishing scalable and agile customer service departments, Colin prioritizes product innovation and upholding quality and efficiency standards. Colin held leadership roles at TicketNetwork, Freshly, Albert and Freshworks, where he played instrumental roles in shaping consumer transactions, customer experience and engagement strategies.

Juan Coronado

Strategic Sourcing Managing Director, Deloitte

Juan leads Deloitte’s Strategy Practice, optimizing service delivery models and overseeing procurement, tech operations and captive centers globally. He’s spearheading Deloitte’s global outsourcing survey, examining future trends in service delivery models. With a background in banking, insurance and consulting, Juan brings unique insights to client engagements.

Pablo Miller

Founder & CEO, Remoti

Pablo Miller is a Colombian-British entrepreneur dedicated to reshaping the landscape of the modern workforce. His mission is to localize talent in Latin America, bridging the gap between digital talent and global opportunities. Pablo and his team at Remoti are revolutionizing how companies engage and empower talent in the region.

Christopher Snyder

VP of Engineering, Zego

Chris leverages his in-depth expertise in SaaS product engineering and nearshoring to drive strategic initiatives and their practical execution. He prioritizes fostering a culture of engineering excellence. Throughout his career, Chris has progressed from staff augmentation to establishing and leading high-performing nearshore teams.

Gustavo Parés

CEO and Founding Partner, NDS Cognitive Labs

Gustavo Parés specializes in Digital Transformation, Conversational AI and Technical Talent solutions. He authored books and articles on tech talent and AI chatbots, and often speaks at tech conferences. Having studied in prestigious institutes like MIT, Harvard and Stanford, Parés is passionate about leveraging digital tech for business solutions.

César Cantú

Managing Editor, Nearshore Americas

Based in Mexico City, César is a business and technology journalist with over five years of experience specializing in Latin America. His in-depth reporting covers a broad spectrum of topics, including banking, international trade, foreign investment and outsourcing. Recently, César has offered insightful analyses on Amazon’s impact on the BPO industry, the changing role of the CIO and how Latin American businesses navigate cyber extortion threats.

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