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Nexus 2024: Clearing the Air About Tech Disruption in CX

Are the evangelists right? Is the latest iteration of AI here to kill the contact center? Or are those warnings nothing but sound and fury, part of the hype cycle for another shiny new toy in tech?

“Where do we draw the line between what we should expect from a good AI solution and the hype cycle?,” Peter Ryan, President & Principal Analyst of Ryan Strategic Advisory, asked a panel of veteran CX players who gathered at Nexus 2024 to exchange points of view.

Over the decades, the CX industry has added the latest and greatest toys to its portfolio; toys which were initially regarded as major threats to its existence. This time, there is something different in the air, though. Something worth discussing.

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Most players in the CX market (vendors, clients, analysts and innovators) would agree that AI is a “true killer”, so to speak. Opinions might deviate, however, on the sense in which that phrase can be used when applied to the industry.


Cesar Cantu

Cesar is the Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. He's a journalist based in Mexico City, with experience covering foreign trade policy, agribusiness and the food industry in Mexico and Latin America.

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