Nearshore Americas

Our Purpose


Nearshore Americas, established in 2009, stimulates engagement between customers, investors, service providers, regional and country-based investment agencies and other stakeholders in the “Nearshore” technology-services industry. Our foremost objective is to supply independent news and analysis as a ‘publication of record’ for the Nearshore industry.

In our commercial work, we have supported over 200 organizations during the last 12 years producing specialized market consulting and analysis, brand-building and lead generation programs, live event and matchmaking forums, country-focused missions and a variety of other advisory projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Our knowledge, insights and connections run deep across the Americas, providing our team with unusual access to authoritative data and senior level contacts across a range of countries and disciplines. Our followers become engaged with our brands through interactive platforms and repeatedly demonstrate their loyalty by attending our live events, reading our content and engaging our editors and analysts in order to gain market knowledge. These relationships are vital to all of our activities and are crucial in ensuring we are constantly aware of trends that influence and drive this fast-growing, yet commonly misunderstood, marketplace.