Nearshore Americas

Research and Advisory


Doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean is not a lightweight undertaking: Get help from trusted experts

Establishing new offshore outsourcing operations, creating successful, long-term relationships with IT and BPO suppliers and developing smarter strategies to capitalize on the advantages offered in Latin America and the Caribbean are often complex undertakings. In our many years of operating in the outsourcing space, we have learned what strategies work and what strategies fail – and have a team of experts available to guide your decision-making. The pursuit of successful partnerships is even more complex for investors who are looking to build a nearshore operations base that can endure macroeconomic volatility and technological change over time. Through utilization of a comprehensive, proprietary storehouse of data, deep and influential relationships in the region and backgrounds steeped in the ‘real world’ of doing business in Latin America, we provide customized advisory, research and data-supported services to ensure you have well-grounded justification for your next business decision. We analyze raw and proprietary data for actionable insights, conduct interviews and surveys in Spanish or English, and resolve discrepancies between macro indicators and on-the-ground realities.

Finally, unlike high-priced, entrenched consulting firms, we offer services that are designed to be economical and tightly focused on your core, get-the-job-done, objectives.

We can help with:

  • Analysis to undercover real operational costs in 26 leading markets of the Nearshore
  • Site analysis, discovery and selection for new captive and delivery center operations
  • Current wage and salary data for a range of job classifications and skill sets
  • Cautions, hazards and personal-safety risks within specific Nearshore markets
  • Partnering with the right Latin America software/ IT, call center, knowledge process and back office suppliers
  • Establishing connections with well-positioned, in-country contacts, including legal and government agencies
  • Managing your visit: Expert guidance on who to talk to and what to see during on-the-ground familiarization activities
  • GAP analysis, assessments and market condition research
  • Reinforcing higher-performance and better outcomes for investment and trade promotion agencies
  • Country and tech cluster positioning: Identifying and capitalizing on niche Nearshore services
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Targeted strategies to capture immediate market presence

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