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RPA Expert Guy Kirkwood to Keynote at Sourcing Decisions in Toronto

Guy Kirkwood, chief evangalist at UiPath and a leading authority on robotics process automation (RPA), will present the keynote speech at the second-annual Sourcing Decisions 2018, coming to Toronto in April.

A passionate advocate of RPA and BPO, Guy Kirkwood has more than 20 years of experience in outsourcing and a particular interest in both innovation and the future development of the market. He has previously been a speaker at global events organized by the likes of The Economist. Scheduled for April 10, the Toronto conference will examine the practical impacts of artificial intelligence and customer experience within the enterprise and through third-party outsourcing.

Two years ago, Kirkwood predicted that robotics automation would prompt offshore delivery centers to move their skill sets up the value chain, meaning there would be an upsurge in front-office customer interactions, rather than back-office, because of the technological capabilities provided by robots.

Considering his points, the adoption of RPA would be ubiquitous over the coming years, and the technology would drive down the number of people involved in the manual processing.

Although founded in Romania in 2012, UiPath is now officially based in New York City, the United States. It helps businesses automate mundane tasks in back-office IT systems. In other words, its software platform executes repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer service across both back-office and front-office operations.

It has recently raised US$153 million from venture capital funds, increasing its value to US$1.1 billion. (News first broke at TechCrunch on the series B commitment).

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Sourcing Decisions 2018 will feature a series of panel discussions and presentations from some of the leading minds in North American sourcing, enterprise ICT procurement, and vendor management. Registration and sponsorship information is available at the conference site: 

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