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Slideshow: Speed-Matching Brings Buyers Closer to Mexico

“Without question, the speed-matching session was one of my personal favorite parts of FutureSource Summit,” declared Nearshore Delivery Services partner Luis Derechin, who was among one of over 100 participants in the high-speed networking session that took the first year conference – held last week in Mexico City –  to a whole new level.  Buyers from leading U.S. and multinational tech companies and financial institutions including Google, State Street, RealD, Honeywell, Staples, Teradada and Cisco Systems were paired up with Mexican, Costa Rican, Indian, US and Argentine IT and BPO service providers, software developers, outsourcing advisors,  and recruiting agencies.

Conference delegates commented that the speed-matching, or match-making, concept is still a rarity in Mexico executive conferences and applauded the ‘ice-breaking’ nature of making instant connections.

Like a version of Mexican musical chairs, the sellers would change places after every micro meeting in order to reach as many people as possible. This rapid form of networking enabled delegates in attendance to make introductions and exchange business cards with potential partners and gain some indication of who their perfect match might be.

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“We worked very hard to establish the ideal ratio of buyers to sellers, giving both sides of the aisles a chance to gain maximum value from these quick interactions,” said Kirk Laughlin, managing director of FutureSource Group, which hosted the two-day conference.

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