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Stefanini Builds a Chatbot for D-Link to Automate Customer Care Services

IT outsourcing services provider Stefanini has developed a chatbot for D-Link, helping the Taiwanese networking equipment maker automate a portion of its customer care services in Brazil.

The chatbot, named DAVI, is in fact a customized version of Sophie, Stefanini’s omni-channel virtual assistant.

“From now on, if the user has any questions, they can interact with the DAVI 24 hours, seven days a week,” says Alexandre Winetzki, director of R&D at Stefanini.

As the chatbot answers most of the frequently asked questions, call center agents at D-Link’s Brazilian offices can focus on more creative work, says the Brazilian IT outsourcing company.

If a Brazilian customer is looking for answers to technical questions on issues, such as a firmware update or installation, he does not need to call the customer care center run by D-link. Instead, he can consult the bot seen on the company’s website.

“….The DAVI can show the customer a video that clears up any confusion or triggers the electronic manual of the product,” says Ivanildo Miranda, D-Link’s business operation manager.

The chatbot will, however, not render the call center obsolete; agents there will continue to provide customer support from Monday to Friday during business hours.

“We are making small adjustments with Stefanini to expand the percentage of problem resolution via chatbot, increasing the scope of services and improving the customer experience,” Miranda clarified.

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To begin with, D-Link put together information about its best-selling products and created a ‘question and answer guide’ with the help of Stefanini. This data helped the Brazilin company develop a chatbot.

“This is the first Stefanini project totally focused on the final consumer,” Stefanini stated in a press release.

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