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Stefanini Buys Out Yet Another Brazilian Competitor

Brazilian multinational IT firm Stefanini has bought out Intelligenti, a domestic startup providing technology solutions and back-office services to lawyers.

Intelligenti has developed a technology platform that processes legal documents with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to give lawyers a deeper insight into the cases they argue over in courts.

Alexandre Vômero, Stefanini BPO director for Latin America, says Intelligenti uses technological tools to automate legal departments and cuts costs in legal processes.

The acquisition helps the IT consultancy gain a wider foothold in the legal outsourcing industry, with some analysts expecting the IT firm to offer the Intelligenti’s platform to its clients elsewhere in the world.

Intelligenti is reported to have seven clients. “We offer tailor-made technology for every type of business, both for large corporations, which have legal departments and a large volume of processes, as well as law firms,” said Thiago Rocha da Palma, commercial director at Intelligenti.

Stefanini has not disclosed how much money it paid for the acquisition, but Marco Stefanini, CEO of the Brazilian company, said the software developer had set aside US$80 million for new acquisitions.

Founded in 1987 by current global CEO Marco Stefanini, the Brazilian company has employed 25,000 people in 40 countries, including India and China.

Stefanini, according to Marco, is increasingly ramping up its digital assets. Last year it acquired two technology startups: Estatistica Segura, which transforms collected data into insights to generate new business, and Magma, a multidisciplinary startup specialized in information technology for the health segment.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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