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Stefanini Opens Innovation Hub in Mexico

Brazilian software developer Stefanini has opened an innovation center in Mexico City similar to the ones it operates at its facilities in Brazil and the Philippines.

The center will host around 185 employees who will work in collaboration with the company’s partners, including local fintech firms, according to theSão Paulo-headquartered IT provider.

Students attending Mexican technology schools can use the facility to gain hands-on experience in technology development, according to the company’s statement.

“This new office will have a more collaborative model, where we will work with some startups and partner companies to develop solutions that are aligned with our purpose,” Marcelo Ciasca, CEO of Stefanini Latin America, said.

Tech hubs of this kind are crucial for Stefanini to foster a culture of innovation internally and compete in an ever-changing technology market.

“We are increasingly focused on understanding the needs of our customers with the goal of developing customized solutions that can really make a difference for each of them,” said Marco Stefanini, the company’s global CEO.

At the inauguration of the facility, company executives said Mexican customers can now make use of their Sophie, an omni-channel virtual assistant, for digital recording.

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The Brazilian firm is also looking to partner with Mexican fintech firms to promote its Topaz software, a financial solution that streamlines operations for banks.

Stefanini has offices around the world, including in China and India, with more than 50% of its revenue coming from international clients, particularly US multinationals.

Narayan Ammachchi

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