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Strategic Ventures in IT: How to Build and Sustain Powerful IT Partnerships

For a business to get the most out of its information technology, it must often look to third parties to build the right solutions. These kinds of partnerships can take many forms, but increasingly organizations are looking to partners that can add strategic value to the larger business, particularly when it comes to application development.

This whitepaper unfolds and analyzes some of the key ingredients within a client and provider relationship. It draws on industry expertise, and uses, as an example, the approach taken by Inflection Point Systems, a Columbia, MD-headquartered software product development company.

Key insights include:

  • How to approach a new client-provider relationship and start things off on the right foot before any agreements are made
  • Strategies for flexible resourcing and the importance that culture plays in developing a complete solution
  • Agile methodologies for building technology platforms based on the latest standards, leading to the growth and definition of a customer base in the long term
  • Challenges when searching for a perfect partner fit, with case studies that give examples of successful solutions


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