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Teleperformance Opens 17th Center in Mexico, with $6 Million Puebla Investment

With an investment of $6 million, Teleperformance opened a new call center in the municipality of San Andres, Cholula, in the State of Puebla, which will have a start-up of around one thousand employees and will join the 17 contact centers already operated by the company in Mexico.

Juan Ignacio Sada, Nearshore North CEO at Teleperformance, states that the company decided to set up in Cholula, located in the metropolitan district of the city of Puebla, because of the large proportion of people that have a good command of the English language, as well as its large student population.

“Puebla is a young, dynamic and innovative city.  It has one of the largest Universities in Mexico and boasts a high level of education, and an impressive percentage of people who speak English well, along with the support of federal, municipal and state government.  Everything we are looking for for this company and for our clients is found here, which is why we are investing $6 million and generating at least one thousand jobs, with a view to expand with time”, states Sada.

Rafael Moreno Valle, governor of the State of Puebla, officially opened the new call center and highlighted how Puebla has facilitated the growth of many important industries, such as the auto industry.  “I understand the need to diversify and to make the most of the opportunities that are now available.  Teleperformance, is capitalizing on one of these markets, which offers, I believe, excellent possibilities for the future.”

According to Moreno Valle, Mexico is starting to replicate public policies and business strategies that have proven successful in other countries, for example in India, where great strides have been made, allowing substantial economic growth, through the use of new technology and training to be able to service other countries, such as, the United States.  This is exactly what Teleperformance is looking to do from Puebla.

He pointed to the creation of secondary laws in the Telecommunications Reform, which should result in a reduction of costs and better conditions for users.  He also confirmed the support of state government, with the goal of expanding on the initial one thousand new jobs, something that will bring obvious benefits to the inhabitants of Puebla, who are looking for better paid, stable jobs.

“The strategic location of Puebla offers a great advantage for companies looking to invest in Mexico, as it is located only 100 km from Mexico City and 300 km from the international port of Veracruz”, adds Juan Ignacio Sada, who notes that generating work is one of the most significant social benefits provided by the company.  “In Mexico, we have created over 18,000 jobs; which makes it one of the foremost countries where Teleperformance has created job opportunities, along with the United States, the Philippines and Brazil”.

He urges the community, the government and the educational institutions to promote the teaching of the English language, as this will result in better job prospects for the future.  “The Philippines currently generates over 900,000 jobs in the call center industry; Mexico, which has a similar population, only generates 80,000.  This industry should be considered key to the country’s Development Plan and the teaching of English should be seen to be instrumental in generating job opportunities”, adds Sada.

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With earnings in the region of $2.2 billion in 2013, Teleperformance operates 230 centers in 62 countries, and employs over 149 thousand people.  In Mexico, it already has 17 contact centers in eight of its principle cities, with over 18 thousand employees.

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