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Teleperformance Strikes $185 Million Deal with Microsoft to Develop AI Tool for CX

Teleperformance wrapped up a US$185 million deal with Microsoft to launch a generative AI platform, which the French BPO giant says will transform customer experience like never before.

As part of the deal, Teleperformance would leverage Microsoft’s Azure cloud as well as cognitive applications.

The AI platform would automate several functions at its contact centers, in addition to enhancing the accuracy of customer interactions by equipping agents with real-time insights into customer preferences.

Generative AI can automate tasks that are currently performed by human agents, such as answering simple questions, providing customer support and generating marketing content. This can free up agents to focus on more complex tasks, such as resolving customer issues and providing personalized service.

Teleperformance’s initial test of generative AI was a huge success. The company found that the technology could save up to 25% in call handling time, reduce email response times by 20%, improve customer needs accuracy by 90% and increase sales conversions by 35%.

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The BPO provider is also embedding GenAI to optimize its internal back office and support functions including HR, recruitment, finance, IT and training.

“We’re pleased to offer generative AI solutions to organizations to help automate simple, low-value tasks and enable our staff to focus on what matters most,” Teleperformance said in a press release.

Narayan Ammachchi

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