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The Quiet Revolution: Enterprises and MiniAGIs

In a world where cutting-edge technology increasingly transcends the boundaries of imagination, the advent of Mini Artificial General Intelligences (MiniAGIs) is raising momentous questions about the future of employment and work dynamics. 

These tiny but powerful artificial intelligence entities are gaining ground in various business sectors, promising efficiency, accuracy and a fundamental question: are we on the verge of a transformation that will see human professionals replaced by their digital counterparts?

 Thr Revolution of MiniAGIs

MiniAGIs, as their name suggests, are compact versions or highly competent parts of a General Artificial Intelligence. 

These ACAs (Autonomous Cognitive Agents) are emerging as a solution that is rapidly colonizing large and diverse industries at a time of the fastest technological advancement ever known, and in which the adoption of artificial intelligence is reconstructing the very essence of work. 

From marketing to operations management, MiniAGIs are rapidly infiltrating the various departments of companies, promising a new era of efficiency and optimization.

Autonomous Cognitive Agents are emerging as a solution that is rapidly colonizing large and diverse industries at a time of the fastest technological advancement ever known

 Marketing (Prediction and Personalization): Currently, at the heart of the most innovative marketing, MiniAGI/ACA is transcending human capabilities by analyzing large data sets in real time. The ability to predict trends, identify patterns and personalize the customer experience at an unprecedented level is re-educating how companies engage with their audiences. Informed decision making, based on deep analysis of large batches of data, has been led for some time now by these small artificial minds.

Human Resources (Recruitment and Training): In HR, MiniAGIs are challenging traditional hiring and training practices. The elimination of bias in candidate selection, combined with the ability to provide customized, ongoing training programs, is transforming how companies build and maintain their teams. MiniAGI is proving that human-machine collaboration can lead to more equitable, faster and more efficient talent management.

 Operations Management (Production Efficiency): With more than one company developing artificial versions of CEOs to run their business, the ability to make data-driven decisions has meant that both AGI and MiniAGI are playing a vital role in the operations management of large companies by enabling more accurate and effective supply chain analysis, optimization and planning. The ability to identify production problems before they manifest themselves and make data-driven decisions in real time is improving efficiency and quality in all aspects of the supply chain. MiniAGI is paving the way for more agile and accurate decision making.

A Future Without Human Professionals?

The prospect of a workforce composed mostly of MiniAGIs in the near term raises profound ethical and social questions. As these agents become mainstays of business operations, concerns arise about the place of human professionals in this scenario. 

While automation promises efficiency and accuracy, ethical judgment, creativity and human empathy are difficult qualities to replicate in the digital world.

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The era of MiniAGI is arriving quickly and stealthily, but its influence on the world of work is undeniable. The efficiency and accuracy they bring to various business operations mark a milestone in the evolution of artificial intelligence. However, the challenge lies in finding a balance between automation and preserving the human essence in the workplace. 

Ultimately, the fate of the human-artificial intelligence and enterprise-minAGI/ACA collaboration will have a happy ending only if we have a strong ethical foundation in the face of a labor revolution of no return or a redefinition of roles, a machine-human synergy that capitalizes on the best of both worlds.

Abelardo Cruz

Abelardo Cruz is a cybersecurity and AI researcher with experience in both the public and private sectors.

Abelardo graduated as an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). He holds a double master’s degree: one in Optoelectronics & Electro-Photonics, from the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE); and another in Autonomous Electronic Celular Architectures, from the National Center for Technological Innovation (CNIT).

He worked with Mexico’s Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN) in 2016, helming the development and implementation of the country’s strategy against cyber crime. He was also Sub-Director of Cybersecurity at the Bank of International Settlements and is currently the CEO of cybersecurity firm DEFTEKK, which he founded.

Since 2018, Abelardo has been deeply involved in the research and development of neural network and AI technologies.

His lines of work currently include cybersecurity, neural networks, AI, advanced technologies and general AI.

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