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Top 5 Caribbean Nations for Facebook Users

While the Caribbean only represents 0.5% of the world’s web surfers (18.5 million), the region has an astonishing number of Facebook users (11 million), according to data by

Number one on the list, and home to roughly 25% of the Caribbean population, Dominican Republic has the largest presence on Facebook, with 4.5 million users out of around 6 million people who access the internet.

Next up is Puerto Rico,which has 2.1 million Facebook accounts out of a possible 3 million people who are surfing the web.

Third place is Haiti with 1.3 million, then Jamaica with 1.1 million, and fifth is Trinidad and Tobago with just 700,000, each representing 7.1%, 8.5%, and 5.1% of the the region’s total Facebook users, respectively.

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