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Unisys Offering Next-gen Development Tools For Free

Unisys is going to offer free tools for companies to develop their own technology solutions in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania-based technology firm says it will soon launch a virtual center of excellence (COE) to make tools available online.

Not just tools, Unisys will also dispense knowledge about better application development methodologies as well as best practices, besides extending the service of subject matter experts.

“We want to give users an opportunity to learn about how artificial intelligence can help build those capabilities […] to help them remain competitive,” said Dr. Rod Fontecilla, VP & global lead for analytics at Unisys.

Using machine learning algorithms, companies can build predictive models of their choice. For example, airlines can build models to analyze passenger flows at airports or improve flight connections. Banks will be able to prevent credit card fraud.

Businesses wanting to make use of cognitive computing technology can access chatbots, or automated intelligent assistants, that can carry on conversations to help in problem solving in areas such as help desk and end user support services. Some tools may help companies to predict cybersecurity threats.

The Center of Excellence will also feature location-aware software tools that will help users leverage the immense amount of machine data generated by IoT devices. Banks and retail businesses, for example, can use these tools to identify customer behavior by analyzing the data collected by sensors, beacons and mobile apps.

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Unisys says an overwhelming majority of large and midsize organizations will soon deploy analytics applications to improve business decision-making.

Narayan Ammachchi

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