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University of West Indies Prepares Online Tech Ed Offer

The University of the West Indies (UWI) is preparing to launch an online program for tech education, following the lead of institutions in the UK and US.

The program will “reduce the economic cost of tertiary education” across the region, according to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), which agreed to fund the initiative.

The building of a digital economy is inevitable for Caribbean countries. Economists have realized that the region can no longer depend on tourism and agriculture to enjoy the social benefits of the modern world.

Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, Vice Chancellor of the UWI, assured the university will soon become the Caribbean’s hub for digital transformation.

The initiative will create new revenue streams for the university, in addition to making technology education affordable for students across the region. It is an opportunity to turn the “university’s reputation into much-needed revenue,” the professor added.

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“Increasing enrollment at the UWI also requires optimizing online learning opportunities, as the transition to digital education delivery leverages technology to reduce the economic cost of tertiary education at the UWI for students in borrowing member countries,” said Isaac Solomon, Vice President of Operations at the CDB.

The project also aims to stimulate innovative teaching and learning, particularly among the most disadvantaged and marginalized groups.

Narayan Ammachchi

News Editor for Nearshore Americas, Narayan Ammachchi is a career journalist with a decade of experience in politics and international business. He works out of his base in the Indian Silicon City of Bangalore.

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