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Photos of Usain Bolt’s Personal Track in Jamaica

If you were the fastest runner in the world, you would naturally want your own running track – correct? (Photos below)

Well that’s exactly what has happened for Usain Bolt, who has smashed record after record in recent years becoming known as the fastest man ever to live. On a recent tour of Jamaica, his homeland, Nearshore Americas got the chance to see Bolt’s private training facility – just footsteps from the main campus of the University of West Indies, in Kingston.

The track – just constructed and completed last summer – is part of an advertising contract between BSW (which makes the super delux “Regupol track”) and Usain Bolt as celebrity endorsement for the company’s sports floor products.  In the future, the track will be used for training not only by Bolt and his team colleagues in the “Racers Track Club” but also by top athletes from all over the world who come here to train and run in competitions.

The new top-ranking track brings the University of the West Indies a good step closer to its goal of having the best sports facility in the Caribbean. During the inauguration ceremony, BSW’s CEO Ulf Pöppel said that the track would help the Jamaicans to continue producing the world’s best sprinters, just as Brazil produces world-class footballers and the USA the best basketball players.

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Kirk Laughlin

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