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Webinar: How to Use AI to Augment Customer Care Agents

Nearshore Americas is hosting a webinar on how customer service providers can use artificial intelligence (AI) to augment contact center agents instead of fully replacing them with machines.

Scheduled for June 1st 2022, 2PM EDT/11 AM PDT, the event will shed light on emerging technology solutions and how to anticipate customer needs.

Contact centers have traditionally been used as transactional centers, resolving customer queries and providing fixes. However, the emergence of automation technologies is quickly changing the face of the whole industry.

Many analysts believe that companies could be losing competitive advantage in their pursuit to automate customer service in the name of reducing wait times and faster customer complaint resolution.

More than 50% of customer interactions may have already been automated, according to a 2020 study from The Harris Poll. Although contact centers are pouring large sums of money into AI, organizations are still struggling to obtain the expected returns on investment, according to a study by LiveVox.

The webinar will explain how adding the human touch to digital interactions can guarantee an excellent customer experience. The event will discuss in detail the relevance of mapping processes to decide on the right technology to implement.

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Keynote speakers include Martha Berrío, General Manager at GSS Covisian Group in Colombia; Stuart Beame, who does Main Street CX consulting; and Stephanie Todd, CEO and Founder at SoulCX.

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