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NSAM to Launch Webinar on the Importance of Cultural Alignment

Nearshore Americas is to host a free webinar that will outline the role cultural alignment and organizational culture play in the success or failure of a company in the Nearshore marketplace.

Scheduled for September 29th, 2021, 2pm EDT/11am PDT, the event will focus on how organizations can better align their culture and the culture of the Nearshore location of their customer services center.

Event speakers include Charlotte Banks, director of vendor management at Farmers Insurance, Caroll Guzman HR director at KM2 Solutions, a major BPO provider in Latin America, and Jeff Santana, KM2 Solutions’ director of operations for the Dominican Republic.

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Cultural alignment has long been a vital feature of a successful Nearshore project, enabling strong working relationships that become a project’s competitive differentiator. However, what often gets overlooked is how the organizational culture of the customer plays an influential role in achieving compatibility in the global services industry.

“A company’s culture reflects what it does, not what it says it does,” stated Lucas Hendrich, Chief Technology Officer at BairesDev, a technology solutions company, in an interview with Nearshore Americas recently.

His comment came in response to questions as to how companies can deal with the growing rate of attrition in the technology industry. “Retention of staff reflects how a company operates, not its mission statement of how it aspires to operate,” Hendrich clarified.

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Cultivating a purposeful company culture has become ever more crucial following the shift to work-from-home arrangements. These days, an increasing number of workers are looking for employers whose values align with their own personal values.

A Glassdoor multi-country survey showed that employees pay close attention to company culture before applying to a job. More than half said that culture is more important than salary when it comes to their job satisfaction.

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