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Wizeline Installs an Office in Monterrey’s Tech University

Wizeline, a global technology services provider, opened an office at the Tec De Monterrey campus, one of Mexico’s top schools, to provide students with practical experience while they study.

Founded by Mexican-American Bismarck Lepe, Wizeline has long been on the lookout for tech professionals in Mexico. The tech center is its newest approach to reaching out to aspiring software developers.

In a LinkedIn post, Lepe wrote that the office will serve as a co-working space.

“Our goal with being on the campus – beyond it being a place where Wizeliners can work – is to co-create new technologies with the University, provide students the ability to easily intern and work between classes,” he stated.

The news comes years after the technology firm signed a partnership agreement with Tec de Monterrey to expand its skill development program.

With the establishment of a tech center in their campus, students can now work as interns on various software development projects.

A university campus office makes it easier for female students to acquire tech skills and begin a career in the software development industry.

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Wizeline also provides “Women in Leadership” certification, with the goal of promoting women in the technology world.

Among the skills Wizeline hopes to teach are software design, software integration into client operations and cyber security solutions for IT networks.

Narayan Ammachchi

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