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LATAM Gains Lead in Percentage of Women Searching for Tech Jobs

Latin America positioned itself as the leading region when it comes to the percentage of women applying for jobs in the tech sector, according to a global study conducted by nearshore IT solutions vendor BairesDev.

The percentage of female applicants for tech jobs averaged 41% out of the total registed by BairesDev between 2020 and 2021. This represents a global increase of 400% compared to five years ago.

The list of countries with the highest percentages was dominated by Latin American nations, with Argentina and Uruguay coming out on top.

“Other regions known for their tech hubs (mainly Ukraine/Eastern Europe and India/South Asia) trail behind significantly, with only about half the proportion of female applicants, compared to leading Latin American countries (chiefly, Argentina and Uruguay),” the report noted.

The report, titled “Women in Tech 2022”, was drawn up on the basis of seven million applications BairesDev received between 2015 and 2021.

“The biggest surprise from this finding is the presence of other countries with an above-average percentage of women applicants, including Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua and El Salvador,” the report stated.

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The San Francisco-based firm also noted that Brazil is seeing a rapid surge in female tech employees, with women in their 20s being the highest among the female candidates seeking jobs in the IT services sector.

“Overall the average percentage of women applicants is around 35%, but there are a few cases worth looking into. Big Latin American countries or with established tech hubs (such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay) surpass that average, implying that initiatives aimed at increasing women’s participation in STEM fields are working,” the report stated.

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