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Xiomara Castro Honduras

Leftist Leader Xiomara Castro Set to Take Over Honduran Presidency

Xiomara Castro, a leftist leader, is all set to win Honduras’ presidential elections, preliminary results suggest.

If declared the winner, Castro will be the first female politician to become the head of state since the Central American country became independent.

Governing party’s candidate Nasry Asfura has not accepted the defeat yet. Reports suggest that it would take days to determine the winner, as 40% of votes are yet to be counted.

All pre-poll surveys had predicted a tight race. Even the Electoral Council has urged the candidates not to declare their victory until all the votes are counted.

But Castro has a commanding lead, with analysts assuring that she will emerge victorious in the end. Castro is the wife of former president Manuel Zelaya, whose government was overthrown by the military 12 years ago.

Addressing her jubilant supporters in Tegucigalpa, Castro said her administration would end the era of corruption and organized crime in Honduras.

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The Central American country has long been plagued by drug trafficking and gang violence. Even the incumbent president Juan Orlando Hernández is facing the charges of drug trafficking. His brother Antonio is in US jail having been charged with drug peddling.

Narayan Ammachchi

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