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Will China’s Digital Workforce Ambitions Disrupt the Global IT Hierarchy?

China is about to move its tremendous economic and bureaucratic machinery to compete more effectively in the global, increasingly accelerated tech market. Chinese authorities recently announced a three-year plan which aims to upgrade its digital and non-digital workforces, training them… Read More »

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Breakdown: The Very Profitable Future of Low-Code?

Increasing demand for software services of any kind, combined with a relatively short supply of workers capable of delivering them, has put low-code platforms in a very promising position. But the landscape has changed dramatically since low-code became popular among… Read More »

Remote working salary

Remote Jobs are Drying Up in LATAM, Kneecapping Salaries

The availability of remote jobs is waning in Latin America, leading to shrinking salaries for workers in the region. A Bloomberg report shows a significant shift in hiring practices across Latin America as companies call employees back to the office.… Read More »

Oswaldo Gómez Roche

Q&A: A Mexican ML Engineer Migrates to Poland; What Did He Learn?

Like many other developing nations, Mexico is no stranger to brain drain. Some of the country’s most promising, young minds find themselves trapped in a landscape that offers very little opportunities for them to take off and fly as high… Read More »

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As the AI Craze Escalates, Where is All the Tech Spend Going?

A glance at the conversation around AI would lead anyone to believe that businesses are throwing bag after bag –and, when available, truckload after truckload– of money towards the technology, hoping their investments pay handsomely sometime in the short-to-mid term.… Read More »

Spanish Speakers Are Declining in the US; Should Nearshore CX Be Concerned?

CX Automation Startup Parloa Raises $66 Million

German AI startup Parloa, which established its US presence just a few months ago, secured US$66 million in funding. Parloa’s specializes in contact center automation through an innovative AI speech application that enables natural language interactions between customers and AI. Founded… Read More »

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