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Nexus Opening Night: Forging New Partnerships

Nexus 2024 has officially kicked off.  Attendees of the nearshore industry’s premier event gathered during the evening of June 12th for Nexus 2024’s Opening Night. Hosted at Jersey City’s Hyatt Regency, overlooking the Hudson River and with the Manhattan skyline… Read More »

US H-1B visa regulations

Automation and WFH Kneecap H1B Visa Applications in the US

H1B visas aren’t as solicited as before. Once a highly sought permit in the US for the importation of highly skilled foreign workers, H1B visas (and their beneficiaries) seem embroilled in a losing battle against the popularity of remote work… Read More »

Sources: Patrick Nouhailler/ Flickr


Q&A: An Engineer Bridging Silicon Valley and LATAM

Julio Calderón is a man, a husband, a father. He’s also Peruvian, and latino, and American. But, for the purpose of this article, Mr. Calderon can be regarded as a bridge between Latin America and Silicon Valley. Julio Calderón is… Read More »


Introducing the Women Speakers at Nexus 2024

The Nearshore Americas’ team is really excited about the speakers at this year’s Nexus conference; particularly the female segment of the lineup.  Nexus 2024 will host a group of accomplished women professionals: an impact sourcing specialist, a master of FDI… Read More »

AI generative AI

How LATAM’s Leading Countries are Guiding AI Development

AI technology might be too powerful –and appealing– to be contained. That doesn’t mean that government regulators aren’t trying. Even since the explosion of generative AI (GenAI) into the mainstream, regulators the world over have tried to set up guardrails… Read More »


Nexus Keynote: An Immigrant-Entrepreneur Manifests a Profound Vision

Mexican-American tech entrepreneur Bismarck Lepe will deliver the keynote speech of Nexus 2024, which will take place June 12th-13th, in Jersey City, New Jersey. The son of Mexican immigrants who moved to the US in search of a better life,… Read More »

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